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Your Privacy with LiV

At LiV, we are very aware of the trust placed by our users. That is why we know how important safety is to them

LiV has carefully designed a system that guarantees the security and privacy of the data and accounts of all its users


Protecting you with cutting-edge Technology

LiV has the most advanced security methods that guarantee that your information and data are only accessible by you and the people you decide


Advance Encryption

LiV uses an elliptical data encryption system that is also resistant to quantum methods


Hacker Proof

We have all the necessary tools to prevent Hacks such as HTTP and SSL


Multi-factor Authentication

LiV requests verification codes and digital signature for any change made to your account, avoiding unwanted access


Distributed File System

All your important documents are stored and protected under an encryption system with a unique key, which only you have

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